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While you're away, leave your pets where they're most comfortable - home
We keep pets   
Licensed, Bonded, & Insured 
We do our best to ensure that when you leave your pet in our care, you don't worry. Licensing, insurance, and bonding is just one way we meet that goal. Licensing means we are recognized by local governments to legally run What A Pet Wants. Insurance is so that if through some fault of ours your home or pet are harmed, our insurance will cover it instead of you, the owner. Bonded means that if an employee of ours makes a mistake, we are still responsible for it. 
From cats and dogs, to turtles and parrots, 
we're willing to care for
any species.
Why a Pet Sitter?
The choice between using a family friend, boarding your dog at your vet's kennel, using a doggy daycare, or a professional pet sitter can be a hard one.

Using a professional pet sitter means you don't have to make any special trips or keep your dog at the kennel longer than your vacation lasts. The day you return home, your pet is happy and waiting! 

A professional pet sitter also means that should anything go wrong, we're covered to take care of it and have the knowledge and experience to handle unique situations that may pop up while you're gone.
Pet Sitting is ideal for:
  • The multi animal home, we can take care of the fish and turtle at the same time as the dogs and cats.
  • The shy pet who doesn't do well in a busy environment. 
  • Dogs who need walked during the work day. 
  • Old and young dogs that don't have proper bladder control. 
  • Dogs who don't get along with strange dogs. 
  • Owners that don't have time for picking and dropping pets off at the kennel. ​
  • Any animal that gets stressed out in a kennel environment. 
  • And many other situations!